"This is a tenacious, thorough, persistent  skilled researcher!  She comfortably pursued every  detail of my family tree.  I appreciate how prodigious and extensive her work was.  Congenial and patient, she was a pleasure to confer with as I increased my goals for the research.  I highly recommend her as an expert in this field who will be highly skillful, timely, and effective in meeting yours goals for genealogy research records retrievals, etc."

                                                                                          ------ AET, Tallahassee, Florida

"For a long time I had been looking for a company that would assist me in putting together a quality book about my family. My search ended when I met JGRootsFinders. The advice, the suggestions and the patience with which they approached the job were excellent.  When the finished work was presented to the rest of the family they were pleased and extremely satisfied. Without a doubt I would recommend JG Rootsfinders to anyone looking for quality and in depth research in documenting their family history."                                                                                                     ----- IBM, Tallahassee, Florida                 


"JG RootsFinders, Professional, Easy and Affordable"

“Several months ago my family and I began researching our history. We were planning a family reunion. Like most families planning such an event, we established a committee and set about the task of contacting other relatives. It was a task we found more difficult than expected.  Aside from the usual problems of changed and outdated contact information, we often found ourselves unsure of the correct names of certain individuals and how and to whom they were related. In addition, the more we met and talked of relatives and our stories, it became quite clear that knowledge of our family’s history was incomplete and fading with the passing of each generation. We had tried to use online genealogy sites but they provided only the most basic information. That is when we turned to JG RootsFinders for assistance.

JG RootsFinders immediately helped us trace our family’s history. We sat down with its director, Juanita Gaston, and provided her with the little information we had. She explained how genealogy research is conducted and that it is essential to make use of all available sources of data. A skill that is important and necessary but one that can also be time-intensive and nuanced, especially when researching correct spelling of names, name changes, and dates of significant events.

JG RootsFinders made quick and efficient use of census data, varied historical records, family interviews, and searches of collateral ancestors to re-connect my family to our heritage and to each other. We could not be happier with the results. JG RootsFinders was professional, easy, and affordable. I recommend them with confidence to all my friends."                                                                                       ------------ Gary, Tallahassee, Florida

"I have always desired to have a book comprised of my family’s ancestral history. I desired a genealogist that would provide the highest quality research at a reasonable price. Therefore, I contacted JG RootsFinders for assistance. After working with Dr. Juanita Gaston, I was extremely impressed with her genuine interest in completing my goals and desires. It was remarkable how she discovered so much information so quickly. Dr. Gaston is extremely professional, thorough, patient, and kind.. ..  She connected me with relatives that I did not know existed, and because of this I have developed a personal relationship with these relatives, which is certainly a priceless gift...   She exceeded my expectations, and I am very happy with the results of a superbly organized and well documented book of my family’s ancestors and relatives. It was a joy to work with her. My family and I were very pleased with her performance; therefore, I highly recommend her for genealogical research services."
                                                                                                          Carolyn Irvine, Tallahassee, FL

"JG RootsFinders was very easy and pleasant to work with.  I will tell others that they would be remiss if they do not give JGRootsFinders the  opportunity to research your family genealogy.  They are very dedicated to the tasks of genealogical research, seeking to find answers to questions you have regarding your family."

                                                                                          ---Jimmey S, Inkster, Michigan

"JG Rootsfinders really helped me by providing answers to some of my long held questions about my father's brothers and sisters.  It was a joy to work  with them."                            -------- Jack, Tallahassee, Florida

What clients are saying:

"Although interested in my ancestry, I had always had a healthy dose of skepticism about the extent to which the lineage of African Americans could accurately be traced.  How could you possibly trace with certainty the history of a people uprooted from their homes, transported a continent away, wrenched away from their families and robbed of their identity? I had tried to search my family history with such limited success that I had concluded it was undoable. But, JG RootsFinders made a believer of me!
 Extraordinary! Surprising! Impressive! I can’t say enough about how impressed I have been with the results of my family search. Dr. Gaston has excellent research skills and a commitment to getting it right. I recommend her without reservation if you’re interested in tracing your roots."
                                                                                                      --------G. R. Reed, Lansing, Michigan

"JG RootsFinders was excellent and enjoyable to work with; provided an excellent service and  was thorough in their research; highly professional. I highly recommend their services. The materials provided from the research will assist will additional research if needed."

                                                                                              ----DZ, Tallahassee, Florida

"Digging for your roots as though they were mine."

"This service really helped me learn  more about my family history and finding some genealogy records that I had not found doing my own research.  She found some gems for me and my family....  She also gave me great information regarding other resources I could use to expand my genealogy search.   J. G. RootsFinders was wonderful to work with.   ...  very professional and easy to work with."

                                                                                                   --Kelly S., New York City